White Yale Multi Sling

White Yale Multi Sling
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Yale Cordage - 13mm Multi-Sling 5.0m long - 50cm Spliced Eye

Multi-Slings are the latest versions of the traditional Dead-Eye. Offering a variety of uses from an Anchor sling, to a Mounting sling, even a Balancing sling. Constructed with a large spliced eye the Multi-Sling can be easily choked on to a product and when tying knots the splice is located behind the knot instead of in front as would be the case with a traditional Dead-Eye.

Manufactured from YALE Polydyne Rope a high strength double-braided rope incorporating a polyester sleeve over a nylon core. The secret is all in the core which in the case of Polydyne is high tenacity tire grade nylon. Nylon provides the energy absorption advantage and allows the rope to stretch more in its early load cycle. Polydyne has a much higher working energy absorption over other ropes meaning you can do more to the rope without damaging it.